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Hot Tubs the Latest Must Have

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happy-hot-tubThe British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association reveal the news that the market for hot tubs is booming. Results from their 2015 Wet Leisure Survey in conjunction with Golden Coast Limited report sales in the Spa category have far exceeded the six other wet leisure categories which are a 20% improvement on the 2014 figures.

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The trend seems to come from families wishing to stay at home and not travel abroad who can add luxury and potentially value to their homes with a hot tub purchase; as well as a focal point for entertaining with recognised and tangible therapeutic benefits. Hot tubs are increasingly becoming items of desire on consumers’ shopping lists, as recently evidenced by DIY chain retailers and holiday lodge operators. Reports show that the term “hot tub” is now one of the most searched for phrases on these sector’s websites. Modern hot tubs are high technology, sophisticated pieces of equipment providing luxury, therapeutic benefits and a great addition to any home.

As more hot tub brands have come to the marketplace and the range of hot tubs available has grown, the entry level price has reduced, but the growth of the market has also provided much more consumer choice. An entry level self-contained or non-self-contained hot tub can be purchased for as little as £3,000. A hot tub is a high-ticket, luxury, discretionary item. They are also generally complicated pieces of electromechanical equipment which, once they are in place, are not easy to move again. It is, therefore, important that consumers buy from a reputable retailer who can help them through the entire buying process and who can offer comprehensive on-site warranty coverage. Once a purchaser has decided what kind of hot tub they would like and its best location, they should take some time to choose an experienced, reputable dealer to carry out a site survey. BISHTA offers an easy to use map search facility on their website ( to help put consumers in touch with companies in their area.

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